Five More Unique Foods to Pellet Grill

It’s so fun to talk about all of the amazing things you can do with your pellet grill! Pellet grilling unique foods for delicious results is a really fun way to showcase the smoky BBQ flavors in nontraditional pellet grill foods.


Smoked Salt is a trending item right now! Don’t spend the big bucks on all the fancy smoked salts from the store, make your own! You can smoke any salt, but we prefer sea salt.  Cold smoke salt for 2-4 hours with any of your favorite pellets.  A milder pellet such as Apple Mash will lend a light smoke flavor, whereas 100% Hickory Pellets will give the salt an intense smoky flavor.

Use the salt as regular table salt, or as a finishing salt on your favorite dishes.  Homemade smoked salt is fun to give as gifts as well!

Brown Sugar

Smoke dark brown sugar for use in your favorite recipes and sauces.  Cold smoke brown sugar 30-60 minutes, that’s all it takes to provide incredible flavor.  Try it on smoked salmon or in a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Brownies (or blondies!) with smoked dark brown sugar… you’ll never go back!

Keep some on hand for your favorite dessert recipes, and even as a finishing seasoning for meats.  No one will ever guess your new secret ingredient!


An especially simple way to keep BBQ flavors on hand for all of your favorite recipes is by pellet grilling your favorite spices.  A FANTASTIC way to do this is to mix up your favorite BBQ spice rub, and then give those spices a quick smoke on the pellet grill.  Chili powder, onion powder, cumin, pepper – these spices and seasonings are next level when smoked briefly.  Spread in an aluminum pan or cookie sheet, and briefly cold smoke. Imagine your beef ribs or pork shoulder pellet grilled with a smoked BBQ rub.  Amazing!

You can also use these smoked spices to make homemade BBQ sauce.  Incredible flavor, and no need for liquid smoke! The smoked spices and salt give plenty of BBQ flavor when mixed with the other sauce ingredients.  Try it, there’s no need to buy bottled BBQ sauce!


Why have plain boiled beans when you can smoke them? Black beans, kidney beans, navy beans – any bean you can think of – can be smoked in the pellet grill after soaking.  Soak the beans as you normally would to prepare them, then drain.  Place in a metal bowl or colander and smoke at low to medium heat for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally.  Then you can mix these smoked beans into your favorite baked beans recipe, or finish as a soup in your slow cooker.  Smoking adds just another magical layer of flavor!

These beans, smoked then boiled, are delicious in a cold salad as well.  Cook up a batch with some Perfect Mix next time you are  pellet grilling something else.  I’m sure once you have them in your fridge you will find a way to use them up, they’re great just on a regular green salad for lunch with all the other fixings!


This is another surprising way to use your pellet grill.  We have recipes dedicated to pellet grilling desserts such as Smokin’ Apple Pie and Grilled Pound Cake.  One of the simplest ways to pellet grill dessert is to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies on the pellet grill.  Mix up your favorite cookie recipe and put on cookie sheets.  When you pull your smoked brisket or ribs off the grill, throw these cookies in and bake for 12-15 minutes, or until done.  So easy, so delicious!

Let us know the other foods you love to pellet grill that haven’t been mentioned here. We are always up to trying something new on the pellet grill!

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