Sweet as Apple Pie Ribs

These flavorful and juicy ribs will become a family favorite! The ribs are coated in an apple rub and then smoked on your pellet grill using Cookinpellets.com Apple Mash Pellets. These sweet and tender ribs are perfect to serve for dinner or at your next cookout! Smoke On!

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Sweet as Apple Pie Ribs
Course Entree
Cuisine Meat
Course Entree
Cuisine Meat
Pre Cook
  1. Remove rack of ribs from package and pat dry with paper towels.
  2. Remove any excess fat and stray pieces that may burn during the cook.
  3. Remove the membrane from the back of the rib.
  4. Apply 16 mesh black pepper as your first layer to the back of the rack.
  5. Apply Heath Riles Apple Rub to the back of the rack. Pat rub in with your hand.
  6. Flip the rack over and repeat steps 4 & 5 but on the meat side.
  7. Let ribs "sweat in" on the counter for 30 minutes.
  8. Fill the hopper with Cookinpellets.com Apple Mash Pellets.
  9. Set temp on the smoker to 225°.
  1. Place ribs directly onto grate and smoke until desired color and bark stiffness. This will take 2-2.5 hours.
  2. Once the desired color is achieved, remove the rack.
  3. Lay out a piece of heavy-duty foil.
  4. Lay 4 pats of butter on the foil.
  5. Apply more Heath Riles Apple Rub to the butter.
  6. Cut up an apple and lay 4 of the slices down on the butter.
  7. Pour whatever BBQ sauce you would like into a sauce pan.
  8. Add about a teaspoon of Heath Riles Apple Rub to the BBQ sauce and bring to a simmer.
  9. Pour sauce over butter and lay rack meat side down onto butter and sauce.
  10. Wrap up tight and place back onto smoker for another hour and a half.
  11. Check at the 1-hour mark for tenderness.
  12. Once the level of tenderness is achieved remove the rack from the foil wrap.
  13. Place directly onto grates for 20 minutes to let bark reset.
  14. Apply Texas Pepper Jelly Brown Sugar Apple Habanero Rib Candy to ribs and let tack up for approximately 30 minutes.
  1. Remove the rack from the grill and place it on the cutting board.
  2. Let the ribs rest for approximately 15 minutes.
  3. Slice and Enjoy!
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