Removed Fat Cap Pulled Pork

So I really dislike the fat cap..but love it in all it helps to do…which I think is to add flavor and some Bark. Just a pain to deal with so I thought…lets CUT it off first!

I season with my regular setup just to see if there would be a difference. Mustard, my own blend of spice, dark brown sugar. The I put the fatcap back on. Pretty NO but worth it I thought.

I always do my shoulders in a shallow pan…see pics. I am NOT a sauce guy, I like what the meat brings to the table and its seasonings. So in the pan I always put some liquid.

This time about a 1/2 cup of each, orange juice, red wine, sweet rum… like Captains. I’m NOT a booze hound… Just like what it does at the end.

During the smoke, Perfect Mix pellets BTW at 180 for 4 hours then 225 until center hits 200 degrees. On a 12lb shoulder that is roughly 13-14 hours and I keep adding filtered water if needed to keep moist. I just top off before bed.

  • Then before I pull I remove liquid with turkey baster.
  • Fill a coffee cup with juice to let separate.
  • Pull Off Fat cap..SO EASY
  • Pull meat
  • ADD BACK juice, using turkey baster again and go to bottom of cup to get juice!
  • The fat will have separated to top of cup, ick!
  • Put juice back over pulled pork to taste and EAT!!


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