Smoked Spatchcock Chicken

Spatchcock Chicken is a tasty, delicious, and inexpensive way to BBQ a whole chicken.  This versatile recipe has fantastic flavor!

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Smoked Spatchcock Chicken
Course Entree
Course Entree
Chicken Prep
  1. Remove chicken from packaging and pat dry.
  2. Put chicken on cutting board breast side down, so the spine is facing you.
  3. With kitchen shears or a knife, carefully cut on both sides of the spine to remove it.
  4. Clean out the inside of the chicken.
  5. With the breast still facing down, take a sharp knife and make a small cut at the top of the breast bone, and push down on both sides of the bird to snap the bone so the chicken lays flat.
  1. Season the bottom side of the chicken with savory rub only.
  2. Flip chicken over, and place onto a cooking rack so the skin side is up.
  3. Season the skin side of the chicken with a medium coat of savory rub, followed by a heavier coat of sweet rub.
Cooking on the Pellet Grill
  1. Set smoker at 250 degrees F using Apple Mash Cookinpellets. Once up to temperature, place chicken on the smoker for 1 hour. Pro Tip: If possible, face the legs and thighs towards the heat source. This will prevent the breast from overcooking and becoming dry. The legs and thighs can handle being taken to a higher internal temperature without drying out.
  2. After 1 hour, turn the smoker temperature up to 325 degrees and insert a probe to monitor the internal temperature.
  3. Once the internal temperature reaches 158 degrees F, sauce the chicken with sweet bbq sauce. Pro Tip: Warm your sauce before applying to chicken. This will help prevent brush marks and thins down the sauce to make it easier to apply.
  4. Turn smoker down to 300 degrees F, and finish cooking the chicken (and set the sauce) until temperature reaches 165 degrees F in the thickest part of the breast. Be sure to check legs and thighs for doneness as well. The should be at 165 degrees F to be safe, but become even better and more tender at a final temperature of 180-190 degrees F, while remaining juicy at those higher temperatures.
  5. After chicken is done, allow to rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing.
  6. Slice and enjoy!
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  1. Jounayet Rahman on November 2, 2022 at 1:41 am

    Its looks amazing i will definitely try it out.

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