Smoked Cherry Pork Belly Lollipops

These smoked cherry pork belly lollipops are perfect to serve for appetizers or entrees at your next cookout! The pork belly is seasoned, rolled and smoked using 100% Black Cherry Pellets. The flavor of the pellets pairs wonderfully with the cherry seasoning and glaze. These pork belly lollipops will be the star of your next party! Smoke On!

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Smoked Cherry Pork Belly Lollipops
Pre Cook
  1. Fill hopper of you pellet grill with 100% Black Cherry Pellets.
  2. Set grill temp to 250° F
  3. Cut pork belly into ¾ strips
  4. Season with rubs
  5. Roll strips up and place skewer through the pork belly
  1. Place your pork belly lollipops on the smoker
  2. Smoke for 3 hours or until color is where you want it
  3. Spritz with apple cider vinegar and Dr Pepper every 30 minutes after the first hour
Prepare the Glaze
  1. In saucepan, heat ketchup, brown sugar, W Sauce, cherry apple habanero glaze, apple cider vinegar, cherry preserves, seasonings, & Dr Pepper
  2. Bring to a slow boil
  3. Simmer for 30 minutes
  4. Brush on glaze every 15 minutes until it is shiny like a lollipop
Post Cook
  1. Let rest for 15 minutes
  2. Enjoy! Smoke On!
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