Smoked Bologna Sandwich

Everyone loves a bologna sandwich! Discover how to take your favorite sandwich to the next level by smoking the bologna on your pellet grill! Make the ultimate sandwich for lunch with this delicious smoked bologna! Smoke On!

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Smoked Bologna Sandwich
  1. Score your bologna with a knife.
    The bologna is scored with a knife
  2. Apply a layer of mustard to your bologna.
  3. Season with your favorite BBQ rub.
  4. Fill the hopper of your pellet grill with Perfect Mix Pellets. Preheat to 275 degrees.
  1. Place the bologna in your smoker.
    The seasoned bologna is on the pellet grill
  2. Smoke for 3 hours.
After Cooking
  1. Slice the bologna.
  2. Spread mayonnaise to your bread and add lettuce, bologna, Colby cheese, tomato, and avocado to build your sandwich.
    Bologna sandwich
  3. Enjoy!
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