Smoked Beef Ribs

This is the best Smoked Beef Rib recipe ever! With simple seasoning, the beef ribs are smoked on your pellet grill using Longhorn Blend Pellets. The ribs are tender and flavorful! Perfect to serve for dinner or tailgating, everyone will love this amazing recipe! Smoke On!

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Smoked Beef Ribs
Course Entree
Cuisine Meat
Course Entree
Cuisine Meat
  1. Fill your hopper with Longhorn Blend Pellets.
  2. Set smoker temp to 225° F.
  3. Trim fat from the meat side of the ribs.
  4. Place trimmings into a foil pan.
  5. Score the bone side of the ribs with your knife.
  6. Apply W Sauce to the bone side of the ribs first.
  7. Apply a thin coat of Goldee's Brisket Rub.
  8. Apply W Sauce to all other sides of the meat.
  9. Apply black pepper first.
  10. Second, you will apply Goldee's Brisket Rub or the rub of your choice.
  11. Let sweat in on the counter for 30 minutes.
  1. Place ribs in the smoker.
  2. Insert meat thermometer. Set a temp probe alarm to 165° internal.
  3. Place foil pan with fat trimmings underneath ribs.
  4. When the bark is where you want it then remove the ribs from the smoker. Place rack onto butcher paper
  5. Remove the foil pan. Fat should have been rendered for the most part.
  6. Apply beef tallow to ribs and wrap ribs tightly in butcher paper
  7. Place the ribs back on to smoker. Insert the temp probe back into the ribs and set the Temp probe alarm to 202° F
  8. Once the temp probe alarm goes off then remove the ribs and rest for at least an hour. Wrap in towel and place in cooler
Post Cook
  1. After resting, remove your ribs from the cooler and unwrap them. Place ribs on a cutting board. Remove rib bones. Slice ribs up
  2. Enjoy! Smoke On!
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