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Perfect Mix Brisket

Perfect Mix Brisket

The exact recipe you need to make the best brisket!

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Perfect Mix Brisket
  1. Fill hopper with Perfect Mix and set the smoker at 225.
  2. Place chunks of white oak or other wood on deflector plate when using pellet smoker.
  3. Take untrimmed brisket and trim up to 1/4 inch of fat off the brisket. Make sure to trim all hard fat off the brisket.
  4. Rub brisket with salt and pepper rub. Any rub will do, but a salt-based rub works best.
  5. Place brisket in an aluminum pan center of smoker.
  6. Smoke until brisket forms a good bark. That's between 160 - 170 integral temp.
  7. Add beef broth to pan to about 1/2 inch and cover pan in foil. Cook to 195 internal temp. Please understand, time is variable based on size of brisket and type of smoker.
  8. Let brisket rest for minimum of 1 hr in cooler wrapped in towels or cambro type of holder.
  9. Slice cross grain and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

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Thanks Daniel Rodriguez for the recipe!

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