Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breast

Bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken breasts are perfect for dinner. Chicken breasts are stuffed with jalapeno, cheese, and green onion, then wrapped in bacon. Smoked on your pellet grill using Apple Mash Pellets. The smoky sweetness of the pellets ties this entire entree together. Everyone will love this easy smoker recipe! Smoke On!

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Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breast
  1. Slice the green onions and dice the jalapeños. In a bowl combine them with cream cheese and the Colby Jack cheese. Mix and set aside.
  2. Cut a slit on the chicken breast to create a little pocket.
  3. Season chicken breast with your favorite chicken seasoning.
  4. Stuff chicken breast with your cream cheese mixture.
  5. Lay down 6 slices of bacon slices and wrap your stuffed chicken breast.
  6. Fill the hopper of your pellet grill with Apple Mash Pellets. Preheat your pellet grill to 325 degrees.
  1. Place the bacon-wrapped chicken breasts in the smoker, and cook until the bacon is fully cooked and the internal temp of the chicken reaches 165 degrees. This will take about 45 minutes.
  2. Let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing. Slice and enjoy!
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