5 Tips For Absolutely Delicious Pulled Pork

 There is nothing like a delicious pulled pork. Here are tips from the Reverend of BBQ on how to make it the best Pulled Pork you have ever had. 
1 – Don’t over season! I’ve had lots of pulled pork that was so seasoned I couldn’t tell if it was pork , chicken or fish!


2 – Try different rubs or better yet try just salt and pepper once! Variety is the spice of life!


3 – Patience pays off! Yes you can do a 10lb shoulder in 6 hours. BUT, it won’t eat like tenderloin unless you do this….
Start at 180 degrees for 4 hours then go up to 225. It will take roughly 12-14 hours to hit 200 degree internal but when you pull it, it won’t be chewy and tough because it had the time to render all the tough making connective tissue out.
4 – Try a lighter flavor pellet like our Apple Mash… a bit less smoke flavor but much more pork flavor when done.
5 – BARK!! The best BARK comes from sugars, in my opinion, so When I do any type of rub I add dark brown sugar as the last thing on the shoulder NOT in the rub, yes after the rub. This makes for a good caramelized BARK.


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