Get Ready for Winter Pellet Grilling!

Not a fan of winter? How about if you can keep up your favorite hobby – pellet grilling – through the coldest of weather? Winter pellet grilling takes a little more prep during the not so cold season, but if you do it now you’ll be good to grill through spring.  Follow this list of 6 things to do to get ready for cold weather grilling!

1. Do a Deep Clean

No, it’s not fun, but it is necessary.  Deep cleaning your pellet grill is cleaning every bit of it, from the grill grates to the fire pot and grease bucket and more.  This list tells you what to do

2. Check and Replace Broken Parts

Do a thorough inspection of your grill and grill cover.  If a handle is broken or any parts are missing, order replacement parts and install before the weather is cold.  Repairing tiny issues can help avoid large maintenance issues later.  Lastly, inspect your grill cover.  If your cover is torn, it is time to replace it!

3. Check Your GFI Outlet

This is something you need to get fixed now, not when there is snow on the ground.  Don’t just assume, actually test it. A very simple way to do this is to grab a small desk lamp or table lamp and plug it in to your GFI outlet. Turn the lamp on. Push the test button and make sure it turns the lamp off, then reset and make sure lamp turns back on.  That’s all, but we promise you want to check it now!

4. Clean Under and Around The Grill

Move the grill from it’s normal spot, and clean all around.  Remove any leaves, spider webs, dirt and debris from the area you store your grill. Do this regularly to ensure that nothing catches fire that isn’t your Cookinpellets inside the grill!

5. Check you Pellet Storage Area

However you store your pellets, water is your enemy.  Make sure that where your pellet storage area remains clean and dry through all weather. You don’t need a special pellet storage container, but you may choose to purchase one.  At the very least, keep your pellets off the ground.  For more info on storing pellets safely, check this out.

6. Sharpen Your Knives

This bonus tip is something you probably wouldn’t think of.  With the holidays comes extra pellet grilling, sometimes of larger or more expensive cuts of meat.  Make the presentation you want happen by having your knives in the best condition possible! Do it yourself, take them to your local butcher, or use a knife sharpening service.  However you do it, you’ll want your knives ready!

These simple but important steps to prepare for winter grilling can be completed in just part of a day! Putting in the time know will ensure an easy, fun winter BBQ season!



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