Father’s Day BBQ Ideas

Are you in full summer celebration mode yet? It’s almost Father’s Day, and whether you are celebrating with your dad or with your own children, Father’s Day calls for a BBQ! Relaxing outside with family and cooking all the favorite foods is a great way to celebrate all the dads.

Breakfast Ideas

This Father’s Day, start your day off with a pellet grilled breakfast! Our all-time favorite is the Smoked Breakfast Burger.  It contains three necessities – bacon, egg, and a burger – served atop a bagel.  All your favorites, but you can assemble it to your liking, adding ham, turkey, tomato, or any other toppings to create your own perfect breakfast sandwich.

If breakfast sandwiches aren’t your favorite, try Hickory Smoked Quiche.  This breakfast recipe is so easy! Eggs, cheese, green onions and tomatoes combine for a flavorful breakfast dish with classic flavors.  Make a few with different ingredients, such as bacon, ham, peppers, or your other favorite vegetables.  They take about an hour to cook.  Mix up a couple, then enjoy that hour outside with him next to the pellet grill with your dad or your kids and a few cups of coffee.  Served with fresh fruit, it’s the perfect breakfast!

BBQ Gift Ideas

Father’s Day comes at the perfect time early in the BBQ season.  BBQ accessories and pellet grilling gifts will be used all season long!! If your wife asks for gift ideas, suggest Cookinpellets 100% Hardwood pellets! Order all the flavors in a bulk order so you have them on hand to pair with your favorite recipes, or suggest a flavor you haven’t tried yet for a fun gift.  If you love Perfect Mix Pellets, you should try Apple Mash.  Apple Mash’s flavor is just a little lighter than Perfect Mix, and pairs nicely with pork, chicken and desserts.  If you already know you love Apple Mash, it’s time to give Black Cherry  a try.  Providing a lighter smoke flavor like Apple Mash, it is great for burgers, steaks, pork and even cold smoked dishes.

Cookinpellets merchandise makes a great gift as well! Get dad a Cookinpellets T-Shirt so he can represent while assisting on the grill.  You better get one for yourself, too! Hopper magnets are another useful but inexpensive gift – we’re all guilty of forgetting what flavor pellets are in the pellet grill.  These hopper magnets are easy to switch out so you’ll never forget what’s in the hopper.

BBQ Dinner Ideas

After breakfast and gifts (and hopefully some golf or fishing!), it’s time to keep the favorite foods going!  Steak on the pellet grill is always delicious.  Sirloin steak with Tomato Relish is a winner here.  Using the early summer tomatoes and a variety of fresh herbs, this quick cooking steak is super flavorful.  Easy and flavorful, with that BBQ flavor you love.

Cheers to all the dads and grandpas out there! We hope your Father’s Day is full of all your favorite things!

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