5 Tips On Using Our Apple Mash Pellets

We at Cookinpellets are always trying to lead the way on new products and thought “Some times I like a lighter smoke flavor.”


Something I could use on a mild flavor foods but with a twist. Enter the Apple Mash pellet.


My kids love apples and we always take out the core and thought…how could I use this and it came to me…in a pellet! And the rest is history.


What Temperature Should You Use: The Apple Mash pellets work best at 180-350 degrees.


What Should I Use It With:  Chicken, Pork,  Turkey, Cornish hens, Smoked Grilled Sliced Balonia, Pizza, Pancakes


What Is The Flavor Like: A light smoke with ever so light sweet finish.


Other Ideas: Cold smoke fish, shrimp, cheese, veggies


Recipe recommendation: Apple Pork Cutlet



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