5 Tips for Storing your Cookinpellets

Did you know that for pellet grilling, you use about a pound per hour of pellets? Even though it seems like a lot of pellets it is still cheaper then gas, charcoal or electric, and especially if you frequently make recipes like Beef Sirloin Roast or Pulled Pork that require a long smoke! Buying in bulk guarantees that you’ll always have pellets on hand, and is the most economical way to purchase Cookinpellets.

A question we frequently get asked is how to store Cookinpellets.  Honestly, there is no special equipment necessary to store your pellets, but you do need to keep a few ideas in mind.

Avoid moisture at all costs

Pellets can be stored inside or outside, but they need to be kept away from moisture.  A garage or shed work well, so long as there are no leaks!  Some people store inside, such as in a closet or on the porch.  It is a good idea to avoid humidity as well, so basement storage isn’t ideal unless you keep a running dehumidifier.  The drier winter air is great for storing your pellets outside!

Keep your pellets off the ground

Some people stack their pellets on a pallet in their storage area, but you can also lay a few 2×4’s on a shelf or even the floor. The idea here is once again to prevent any build-up of moisture under your bags of pellets.

Do not open until ready to use

The plastic bags that our Cookinpellets arrive in are perfect for pellet storage.  They will keep moisture out and making stacking easy.  If you have multiple bags of the same type of pellet, make sure you use the first in/first out method, and this also applies to first using any open bags of the flavor of pellet that you’re cooking with!

Stack bags in alternating directions

When storing a larger bulk order, stack the 40 pound bags in alternating directions, criss-cross style.  This reduces pressure on any specific bags, and allows for a tiny bit of airflow to help avoid moisture buildup between bags.

Purchase pellet storage

If you prefer to have specific storage for your bulk Cookinpellets purchase, there are no shortage of options.  A five-gallon bucket with a lid allows you to store your pellets in an organized way, and the lid keeps the moisture out.  Many people use commercial food-grade buckets like these for storing their pellets.   You can also purchase a storage caddy specific to storing your outdoor cooking fuel; this Buddeez Kingsford Caddy dispenser is a popular option.  Other people use creative solutions like storage containers intended for pet food! By the way…Best prices we have seen on all of these containers in a LOOOONG TIME!

Always having high quality, hardwood pellets on hand is a great way to guarantee that you’ll enjoy your delicious pellet grilled creations all year round! The most economical way to buy Cookinpellets is to buy bulk directly from us, The cost INCLUDES SHIPPING to your home via UPS Ground! We offer Bulk Mix and Match of 7, 10, or 15 bags of pellets.  With Bulk Mix and Match, you are able to order the exact flavors of pellets your prefer, and are able to choose how many of each bag you would like.  Choices include Perfect Mix, Premium 100% Hickory, Apple Mash, 100% Black Cherry, or Sweet Maple – order however many bags of each you prefer, totaling up to 7, 10, or 15 bags.  Each bag is boxed and shipped separately directly from us, including free shipping, saving you money and ensuring you always have your favorite pellets on hand.

The lack of humidity in the winter air may be bad for your skin, but it’s perfect for pellet storage! If the cold and snowy weather has you using your pellet grill a little less frequently than the warmer months, don’t worry – this is the perfect weather for pellet storage.  With these easy and simple tips, your bulk pellets will store for months and months!  Happy pellet grilling!

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