5 Tips for Making the Best Beef Brisket

Smoked Brisket is a BBQ favorite! If you are trying to perfect your version of this traditional BBQ recipe, look no further.  These tips for pellet grilling brisket will give you the juiciest, most flavorful brisket you’ve ever had.  Choose one to add to your normal pellet grill recipe, or combine a few ideas for your next brisket.

Rub Rest

The rub is where it is at! There is no secret to a special BBQ rub recipe – just use your favorite homemade rub or store bought rub.  The secret is in the rest time! You need to plan ahead for this one.  Two days before you plan to smoke your brisket, apply your favorite rub.  After applying the rub all over the brisket, place it in a zip top bag, remove all the air and place in the refrigerator. You want to give it a full 48 hours to rest with the rub! This tip gives a stronger flavor profile at the end of the smoke time.

Inject Some Liquid

Injecting the brisket before applying the rub gets the flavor right into the brisket, and helps to keep it juicy during a long smoke.  Our favorite beef brisket injection is super simple.  Mix 1/8 cup to ¼ cup brown sugar with ¼ cup of soda.  (Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Coke, or another liquid of choice will do the trick here). Inject the mixture all over the meat, then apply your favorite rub liberally before smoking as usual.

Foil Wrap Finish

This low and slow pellet grilling method suits brisket perfectly.  Smoke the brisket right at your grill’s smoke level – our personal preference is 180 degrees. Smoke at 180 degrees until the brisket reaches an internal temperature of 170 via digital thermometer.  Once it reaches 170 degrees, remove from pellet grill and wrap the brisket with foil.  Return to pellet grill, increase temperature to 225 degrees, and continue to cook until the internal temperature reaches 200 degrees.  After that, it is time to pull from the grill, slice and serve.  Simple and delicious!

One Hour Foil Wrap

Alternatively, for a quicker smoke, you can smoke the brisket at 225 degrees until the brisket reaches 185 degrees internal temperature.  When the digital thermometer reads 185, pull from the pellet grill and wrap in foil.  Before sealing the foil, add a bit of apple juice or orange juice.  Tent the foil a bit, then seal tightly enclosing the liquid in with the meat.  Return the tented brisket to the pellet grill and continue to cook.  Once the brisket reaches 200 degrees, about an hour later, it’s ready! Remove from grill, slice, and eat!

Bacon Brisket

This is because… bacon.  Rub your brisket with your favorite rub.  Then make a few slices in the fat cap.  Lay strips of bacon covering the cuts in the brisket.  Smoke as usual, allowing the bacon to drip right into the meat.  This added bacon love will bring your brisket to the next level!

You can make beef brisket with any 100% Hardwood Pellets that you prefer. We love Cookinpellets Perfect Mix for brisket.  Perfect Mix gives a great smoky flavor without overpowering the taste of the meat and the rub.

Let us know how these tips go for you, or if you have another favorite way to make beef brisket.  These are our tried and true beef brisket tips that bring brisket to the next level, but we are always willing to try something new!


  1. Dale White on August 28, 2021 at 9:39 am

    I’ve always heard to place the brisket in a dry cooker after the internal temp reaches 200/205, I’m wondering why this article doesn’t mention this.

    • JHEBERT111 on October 22, 2021 at 7:52 am

      Sorry for the late reply!!
      That is an extra step we don’t think is needed. Try it both ways and see if there is a difference. All personal preference.
      Smoke On!

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