5 Delicious Pellet Grill Appetizer Recipes

If you’re dreaming of spring BBQ season, we are right there with you! Spending time outside with family, relaxing in the sunshine, pellet grilling, and then eating great food! Perfection.

It’s best to have some awesome appetizer smoker recipes in your grilling repertoire. Appetizers are usually a quick smoke, can be prepped ahead of time for less in kitchen time before pellet grilling, and the last thing is – little quick bites are just so tasty!

Take a look at five of our favorite appetizer recipes. Most of these recipes are also low-carb or keto recipes!

Best Pellet Grilled Chicken Wings

Smoked Chicken Wings with Crispy Skin are one of the best BBQ appetizers! This cooking technique uses the parboiled method.  Pellet grilling at a higher heat gives that crispy skin without a ton of time on the pellet grill.  We think these don’t even need any sauce, but you be the judge of that!

Get the Crispy Chicken Wings recipe here.

Smoked Meatballs

Who doesn’t love a meatball? This is an easy homemade meatball recipe. Baking the meatballs on the pellet grill gives a flavor twist that makes this recipe special. You can make tons of flavor modifications to this recipe by using different spices or mix-ins, but we love these meatballs just as they are.

Get the Smoked Meatballs recipe here.

Smoked Olives

This is one of our most popular recipes, and it’s a vegetable! Smoked olives are so yummy.  This recipe is addictive, and the best part may be that you also end up with a bit of smoked olive oil when you pull the olives off the grill. Dip a bit of crusty bread in that delicious surprise, and you’ll see why this is one of our most popular recipes. It is also a vegetarian recipe and keto recipe, so it accommodates a lot of special dietary needs.

Get the Smoked Olives recipe here.

Bacon Wrapped Sriracha Chicken Lollipops

If you’re looking for a recipe that is extra flavorful, this is it! This easy appetizer recipe combines the flavor of smoked chicken with bacon, with a kick from the sriracha. These little chicken drumsticks are so yummy and worth the time it takes to fully cook them on the pellet grill. The flavors are unbeatable in this appetizer recipe.

Get the Bacon Wrapped Sriracha Chicken Lollipop recipe here.

Texas Twinkies

This stuffed jalapeno recipe is what I think of when I think of pellet grilling appetizers. The peppers hold the yummy cream cheese combination, and when wrapped in bacon and cooked on the pellet grill, this is one amazing smoker recipe. Textures and flavors combine to make the ultimate BBQ appetizer recipe.  Quick to prep and quick to grill, this is a recipe you want to try.

Get the Texas Twinkies Recipe here.

So many awesome appetizer recipes to choose from! The great thing about appetizers is, when you make a few, it turns into dinner! Any of these recipes would make a great light dinner, especially when paired with a simple green salad. Try them all and let them know which recipes are your favorite!

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