10 Best Smoker Recipes

This collection of our favorite smoker recipes will have you running to your pellet grill! Tried and true recipes for delicious barbecue meat, ribs, main dishes, and even our favorite crispy skin chicken wings recipe. Of course, the best smoker recipes are anything using Cookinpellets, but we share our most popular BBQ recipes for pellet grilling below.

Main Dish Smoker Recipes

Perfect Mix Brisket https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/perfect-mix-brisket/  Classic beef brisket recipe, delicious for sandwiches or plain BBQ meat. So delicious you don’t even need sauce! Extra Tips here for making the best brisket every time.

Cinnamon Rub Pork Roast https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/cinnamon-rub-pork-roast/ Flavorful pork recipe that is easy to make and has delicious fall flavors. Cinnamon rub, cooked on the smoker using Apple Mash Pellets. 

Smoked Flank Steak https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/smokedgrilled-flank-steak-with-mushrooms/ Simple steak recipe with smoked mushrooms is a tasty but quick dinner recipe to cook on the pellet grill.  Steak cooked any other way doesn’t taste this good!

Perfect Tomahawk Steak https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/the-perfect-tomahawk-steak/ Step by step directions for pellet grilling the perfect Tomahawk Steak.  Whether you are treating yourself or BBQing a fancy dinner for a special occasion, this will soon be one of your favorite smoker recipes for the perfect steak.

Smoked Breakfast Burger https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/smoked-breakfast-burger/ This fan favorite recipe is technically for breakfast, but would make a great brunch recipe, lunch recipe or even dinner.  Smoked burger topped with bacon and an egg, so yummy when prepared on the pellet grill with Perfect Mix.

Appetizer Smoker Recipes

Best Smoked Chicken Wings with Crispy Skin https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/best-pellet-grilled-chicken-wings/ Just in time for Game Day! We did some experimenting with different methods for making the best BBQ wings with crispy skin. This game day smoker recipe is perfection, be sure to make enough so you can have some, too.

Smoked Meatballs https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/smoked-meatballs/ This easy recipe makes the list because it is versatile and so tasty! Use simple ingredients you already have on hand and BBQ it up on the pellet grill for an easy appetizer for a crowd, or quick dinner served with pasta for a hearty Italian dinner.

Texas Twinkies https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/texas-twinkies/ The ultimate in smoked recipes! Jalapeno popper meets bacon and is quickly grilled for a crispy outside, gooey inside barbecue appetizer.  Hey, it’s a vegetable, serve it as a side dish!

Side Dish and Dessert

Smoked Macaroni and Cheese https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/smoked-mac-and-cheese/ Macaroni and Cheese Smoker Recipe.  Need we say more? Creamy, cheesy pasta mixed up and baked to perfection on the pellet grill.  Smoked cheese plus pasta, this is the ultimate comfort food, BBQ style.

Smokin’ Apple Pie https://cookinpellets.com/recipes/smokin-apple-pie/ Bake an apple pie on the pellet grill using 100% Hickory pellets.  This is an incredible combo of flavors, sweet meets savory when you smoke your dessert.  Perfect for Thanksgiving to showcase your pellet grilling ideas in a unique way!

There it is! Get to work pellet grilling!  These recipes do not disappoint.  We love them, as do our BBQ guests and customers! What do you think is missing off this list? Let us know your favorite smoker recipe!

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