Unusual (but delicious!) Foods to Pellet Grill

When people think of their favorite pellet grill recipes and BBQ foods, typically they think of meat.  That juicy beef brisket, tasty ribs, or pulled pork that you wouldn’t imagine cooking any other way than pellet grilling.  After many years of pellet grilling and lots of experimenting, we have found that using the pellet grill is our favorite way to cook just about anything!

Rather than just focusing on smoking the main dish, pellet grilling the ingredients for your favorite recipe is another way to enjoy that smoky BBQ flavor you love.  Here are some of our favorite ways to use our pellet grill in some non-traditional ways.

Smoke Eggs

Love hard boiled eggs as an easy breakfast or healthy snack? Try smoking your hard boiled eggs.  Some people pre-boil the eggs and then smoke them on the pellet grill, but you could also “bake” them right in the shell at a low temperature until they’re cooked through.  Place them right on the grill grates!

We love them that way, but also love a pellet grilled egg dish for breakfast on the weekend.  Try this Hickory Smoked Quiche, or this Smoked Breakfast Burger made with an egg that is “fried” with on a cookie sheet on the pellet grill.  You could even make that sandwich without the burger, as a traditional breakfast sandwich instead.

Fish and Scallops

These delicate foods are great for pellet grilling! The indirect heat of the pellet grill makes it easier to not overcook them.  Use a higher temperature and do a short smoke, and you’ll be impressed with the extra flavor.  Apple Mash Pellets are perfect for seafood!


Looking for a quick side dish? Pellet grilling vegetables is the solution! Brussels sprouts and asparagus are some of our favorite vegetables to pellet grill, but root vegetables such as carrots get that slight caramelization that you can’t not love when you cook them on the pellet grill.


Yes, they’re a vegetable, but they deserve their own category here! Pellet grilling white, yellow or red onions is a great way to cook them for your favorite recipe.  Think salsa, sliced onion for your burgers, or onions for a salad.  This allows you to cook them for a milder flavor, while adding another level of flavor to your favorite recipe.  We won’t judge you if you just want to quarter up some onions and pellet grill to eat alongside your favorite smoked meat. So good!


Now these vegetables are truly deserving of their own category! Simple baked potatoes on the pellet grill are a perfect side for ribs or smoked pork.  They don’t take up much space and can be added onto the pellet grill towards the end of your cooking time for your main dish. Roasted potatoes on the pellet grill can be roughly chopped and baked on a baking sheet for some pellet grilled home fries.  If you want an even more flavorful potato side dish, we love these Lemon Oregano Roasted Potatoes.


If you have a favorite vegetarian recipe that includes tofu, such as a stir fry or salad recipe, you have to try smoking the tofu first! Tofu is also delicious skewered and pellet grilled as a kebab.  This is the perfect way to give smoky flavor and make a vegetarian main dish on the pellet grill.  Marinade and quickly grill skewered tofu for a delicious vegetarian recipe!

Use Hickory Pellets to give the tofu a meaty BBQ flavor.  You won’t even miss the meat! Well, maybe you will, but it’s a tasty option for Meatless Monday.

We love experimenting with everything on our pellet grills! Try something new and let us know how it goes.  We have even more unusual foods we love to pellet grill, and tips and tricks for bringing BBQ flavor into your favorite recipe that we’ll share soon!



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