The Perfect Tomahawk Steak
This Tomahawk Steak is the most mouthwatering, delicious steak with an incredible presentation. It is prime rib with an extra long bone, so treat it as such when you season it just right and cook it to perfection on the pellet grill
  1. Two Days before Grilling, rub Tomahawk Steak with Garlic Infused Olive Oil. Cover entire steak, including the bone.
  2. Re-wrap with butcher paper and allow to rest in refrigerator for up to 48 hours
  3. Fire Up Pellet Grill to 400 degrees Farenheit
  4. Season with salt and pepper to taste. These are the only seasonings, along with the olive oil – don’t ruin the prime rib flavor with other seasonings!
  5. Insert digital thermometer probe and place on pellet grill
  6. Watch temperature carefully. Remove Tomahawk from grill once it reaches 136 degrees Farenheit
  7. Remove from heat. After a 5 minute rest, slice and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Typically, we would recommend pellet grilling at a lower temperature.  However, there is a large amount of high quality fat on the outer edges of the steak.  Combined with the delicious olive oil that soaks into the meat, the fat and oil create a delicious crust when pellet grilled at the higher temperature.  Incredible!