Smoked Brisket Queso
  1. Combine all ingredients into an aluminum foil pan or a Dutch oven, and season with an all-purpose rub and hot sauce.
  1. Fill your hopper with Longhorn Blend pellets, and set the temp on your smoker to 350°.
  2. Put the pan of queso on the smoker and let smoke for 15-20 minutes.
  3. After 15-20 minutes, start stirring in and incorporating all ingredients together. Repeat this every 15-20 minutes for 1 hour or until all cheese is melted and the smoked brisket queso is hot.
  4. After 1 hour, or the smoked brisket queso is hot and all cheese is melted, remove from the smoker and let cool for 15-20 minutes or until cool enough to eat.
  5. Optionally you can garnish with some jalapeno rounds, fresh tomato, fresh cilantro, and some brisket slices.
  6. Grab a bag of chips and try to practice some self-control of not eating the entire pan, because this queso is THAT good!