Blueberry Glazed Baby Back Ribs

Take your baby back ribs to the next level with an amazing blueberry glaze! This sticky sweet glaze pairs wonderfully with the smoky flavor from Perfect Mix Pellets. These ribs will be the highlight of your next cookout or tailgating event. Smoke On!

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Blueberry Glazed Baby Back Ribs
Pre Cook
  1. Fill Hopper With Perfect Mix Pellets
  2. Set Temp On Smoker To 250°
  3. Remove Membrane From Ribs
  4. Season With Black Pepper First
  5. Season With Blueberry Black Garlic Rub
  6. Make the Blueberry Glaze by Simmering the Ingredients Until the Blueberries Burst, Stirring Frequently.
  1. Place On the Ribs on the Smoker
  2. Smoke for About 2.5 Hours
  3. Place Sliced ½ Stick Of Butter Down On Foil
  4. Drizzle Honey Over the Butter
  5. Sprinkle More Blueberry Rub Over That
  6. Add Some Of The Blueberry BBQ Sauce To Wrap
  7. Seal Up And Place Back On Smoker For About 1.5 Hours
  8. Unwrap Ribs And Check For Tenderness
  9. Glaze With More Blueberry BBQ Sauce
  10. Let Sauce Tack Up Which Should Take 15-20 Minutes
Post Cook
  1. Remove Ribs From the Smoker And Let Rest For About 15 Minutes
  2. Slice Meat Side Down To See Where To Cut Easier
  3. Eat, Enjoy, and Smoke On!
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