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Hi All, Sorry for the delay!!!

The number to hit, or get closest to was 215150

Congratulations goes to,

Grand Prize with  guess of 214793  is Brian E from Andover, MN

Second place with a guess of 208000 was Tyler W from Norman, OK

Third closets guess of 223075 was Nolan B from Buda, TX

Again I want to thank all that have guessed and those that have won just look for an email from US!

How many pellets are in a 55 gallon drum????
You may or may not know Ed Phelps.  Ed has been at the building is housed in for 33 years. He is the GOTO guy for fixin, helpin and just all around, “what can I do for ya” type of guy! He’s the uncle you never had, or miss dearly. He’s the friend that always lends an ear. He’s the guy that’s always and I mean always willing to help when, where and how he can!!
He never asks what’s in it for him. Never asks for any money or pay or a tip or a hotdog for that matter….  Mmm  OK let’s scratch the hotdog cuz he would ask for that!
Why are we talking about Ed? Cuz its time Ed gets a helping hand back!!! He has Colon Cancer and to make it worse also needs a bypass on BOTH his legs due to bad arteries!!! Yeah, icky to say the least! He hasn’t complained about either and other then getting around slow and having to take time off due to all this. You probably wouldn’t know there was anything wrong.
So this is a chance for you to help Ed get above those pesky deductibles so he doesn’t have to sell he’s favorite recliner or his fishin’ poles!!!!
So Please help us help Ed! And get a chance at getting an AWESOMELY COOL PRIZE!!
So we are doing a game of skill! We want to know how many average size pellets, .75″ to 1″, fit in a 55 gallon drum.
Each guess is $20
The first guess that exactly matches the right number of pellets wins or a persons guess closest to the number of average size pellets in the 55 gallon drum previously described will get the GRAND PRIZE delivered to their door!
Grand Prize is: 1ea Recteq 700 from and 1 ton of assorted Premium pellets from
The second closest guess will get 1000 pounds of assorted Premium pellets delivered to your door.
The third closest guess will get 400 pounds of assorted Premium pellets delivered to your door.
In case of a first place tie, guesses will be placed in a 22″ x 14″ x 6″ box and 1 main winner will be drawn. The non drawn winner will take second prize option.
We are offering the game of SKILL from November 6th 2020 and ending 11:59pm on December 11th 2020.
We will notify the winners on December 12th 2020 by end of business day 5pm CST.
Have a LOOK at the new RT-700 here.
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