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High Temp Pellet Grill Lid Gasket

  • Black 1/2 x 1/8″ bbq smoker gasket
  • FireBlack Professional Grade smoker gasket
  • High Heat BBQ smoker gasket self stick w/ LavaLock® adhesive
  • HIGH TEMP ADHESIVE – 15 feet long
  • Easy to Install
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Higher Grill Temps, Better smoke.

This high temperature gasket has self stick LavaLock® adhesive made for high heat! It will seal the edge of the grill lid to the body better when closed to keep better all around performance, efficiency, heat and smoke in your grill!

Works on all grills.

This is great for all pellet grills but, will work on all grills. You get a generous  1/2″w x 1/8″thick x  15′ long

Easy to Install

Install is easy, cut each side as a separate piece. I measure and cut the top and bottom to be wider. Then I measure sides to fit in between top and bottom.

This stuff is VERY sticky. Make sure you put it where you want because it won’t come off easy if you put it in the wrong place. I install on grill body opening as it seems to be the more even surface. READ PACKAGING FOR COMPLETE INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS!

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