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French Oak WINE Pellets “LIMITED EDITION” Free Shipping

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French Oak soaked in red wine the pelletized! mmmm goood!

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Yes this is a  FIRST  for the pellet grill industry!  This is NOT from wine barrels!  We take French Oak then soak it in red wine for a specific amount of time! We then have a special process to dry the wood before pelletizing. NO BINDERS are used. Nothing added Just French Oak and Red wine turned into pellets.


There is a     LIMITED AMOUNT     When it is gone it is gone.

This beta tested GREAT with red meats and really shined when we used it with less expensive cuts like brisket and flank steaks. My favorite was the pork tenderloin! Chicken was good too.

This has a medium body smoke with a sweet finish.

These pellets work best in temperatures of 200-350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Still no lesser grade woods used!

* 100% of what we say it is NO Filler. * Low moisture * Low Fine, dust. * High BTU

Our Pellets are 100% of the wood named! We don’t add filler or soft woods like others do. Some companies use  80% Oak or Alder, and bark making for cheaper filler wood mixed into the wood you are buying! Ask if it is 100%!

1 review for French Oak WINE Pellets “LIMITED EDITION” Free Shipping

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Perfect pellet for my Fec 120. I was worried they might be to strong. Not the case at all. Great smoke flavor! More pronounced than the hickory and perfect mix. I’ve smoked beef ribs, pork butts and a prime rib is in now. I’ve used a couple pallets of cookinpellets in the past three years.
    There all good! I’ve got the trophies to prove it

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