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Ezy Bag Opener 2 pak & Hopper Magnets 2 pak


A great way to open your pellet bags with EZZZZ!

And never forget what pellets are in your Hopper!

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Hey Honey… what pellets did you put in last time!????

Yes it’s an age old question and now you’ll know! These super handy magnets will tell you what’s in the hopper!

Just stick on the side you can easily see and change em out when you change or add pellets. How much easier can that be????

Plus we have paired a 2 pak, yes 2 of each 100% Hickory magnets, Perfect Mix magnets, 100% Black Cherry magnets and 2ea Apple Mash magnets.

Each magnet is a whopping 3″w x 1″h.

PLUS We paired them with 2 of our awesome EZY Bag Opener.

Ezy is just that… grab a corner pull the opener across and… VWA-LAH… the bag is open! Simple and oooo so easy.

This sturdy little gadget fits perfect in your hand and has a non knife edge box opener on its outer corner.

The blade is safely tucked permanently within the wedge for EZY opening and super safe use.
Price includes shipping!!!
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