New Or Old To Pellet Grilling Here Are 5 Excellent Tips You May Not Know

For anyone new or old to pellet grilling here are 5 simple yet very effective tips to help when using your pellet grill. 

1 – Don’t store your pellets on the cement. Instead put your bag on a couple pieces of 2X4’s or on the shelf.

2 – Keep your grill covered when not in use. Adds years to the life of your grill.

3 – Clean out your grill after every 40 pound bag of pellets is gone. This is a great starting point. As you learn your grill you will know how long you can go between clean outs.

4 – For the best meatloaf ever don’t cook it in a pan – instead wrap our frogmat around it and cook it in your grill just like that.

5 – Pellet use – on average during smoking  at 180 – 225 degrees your grill will use about a pound of pellets an hour. (Remember this is an average – type of grill, weather, etc, has a lot to do with it).

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