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5 Tips For Storing Your Cookinpellets

5 Tips for Storing your Cookinpellets

Did you know that for pellet grilling, you use about a pound per hour of pellets? Even though it seems like a lot of pellets it is still cheaper then gas, charcoal or electric, and especially if you frequently make…

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7 Tips For Winter Pellet Grilling

7 Tips for Winter Pellet Grilling

Let’s officially lay to rest the idea that cooking outdoors is only for the summer months! Your craving for your favorite delicious smoked meats and bbq side dishes isn’t going to wait for the snow to melt, so bundle up…

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6 Tips For The Best Burnt Ends Brisket

6 Tips for the Best Burnt Ends Brisket

If you enjoy the intense, smoky flavor of foods that came off of your pellet grill, you most likely LOVE Burnt Ends Brisket.  This “meat candy” masterpiece hails from the pit masters of Kansas City, Missouri.  Even you Northerners out…

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5 Tips For Smoking Ribs That Taste Delicious

5 Tips for Smoking Ribs that Taste Delicious

Who doesn’t love juicy, smoky, meaty ribs? Smoked bbq ribs are one of those foods that are absolutely delectable if you know how to cook them right, or that can fall flat and leave you very disappointed come dinner time. …

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